Our Long History

1947: the company Manzoni is founded in Cantù by the brothers Luigi and Stefano Manzoni, even if in reality during the difficult period of the second world war they were already working in the sector. Italy, coming out from war and with high desire of rebirth, represents the first market of the company during that period.

50s - 60s: during the period of the ‘Italian economic miracle’, the company has a strong growth and it specializes in the production of night and day collections with high qualitative standards.
The growth of the period and the good success of Manzoni’s products encourage the two partners to shift to the actual headquarter although after a short time Mr. Luigi is alone at the leading of the company because of the premature death of his brother.

1958: first participation at a fair event in Milan “Fiera Campionaria di Milano”.

1963: first time at “Salone Internazionale del Mobile”. Thanks to the attendance at the various international exhibitions, during the 60s the first connections with foreign customers are created.

70s: Stefano and Mariuccia, the sons of Luigi, join the company and together with their father start a process of internationalization in particular in the emerging Middle-East markets.

From the entrance of the old factory during the 50s to part of the actual company’s production site.

The stand of the first Milano fair attended by the company in 1958.

70s - 80s:it’s a period of expansion and specialization in the ‘contract’ sector for private houses, villas, hotels... The company provides complete service to its customers starting from the project and design arriving at the supply and assembling on site of doors, false ceilings, curtains and obviously of all the custom-made pieces of furniture, with wood boiserie, wardrobes, beds, sofas, kitchens, living rooms, etc… New markets, like Far East countries, are penetrated.

90s: the company officially passes under the control of Stefano and Mariuccia. In parallel with the standard production and ‘contract’ sector, that remains the core business, the company Manzoni starts to work in the nautical field producing furnishings for cruise yachts.
The same concept of quality is applied also to these furnishings, naturally supported by the use of woods, glues and various technologies proper for the sea.

2003: the company wins the award for 40 years of uninterrupted participation at ‘Salone Internazionale del Mobile’.

2000s – Today: the company is specialized in the custom-made production, always keeping the high quality artisan standards and having a worldwide market also through the collaboration with important architectural and interior design studios.

The company today

From left: in 1983 the founder Luigi Manzoni receives the award for 20 years of uninterrupted participation at Salone del Mobile. In order the awards for 20, 30 and 40 years of uninterrupted participation at Salone del Mobile.